What I Wore In Iceland

Brr! It is cold out there!

Am I the only person who has no idea how to get dressed for work once the temperature drops below 70? The back seat of my car looks as if I ransacked a coat check, and I’m toying with the idea of bringing my electric blanket to work today.

The upside to this chilly weather is that I could wear the same outfit repeatedly, and no one would know because I’d just be covered up with a coat! That was my strategy while we were in Iceland (read up on our trip – parts uno, dos, y tres), which is how I got away with wearing three shirts for eight days.

I’ve made a list below of the items I packed, should you have an upcoming trip to Iceland, or somewhere just as cold! You’ll notice that most of the things I brought along were perfect for layering. I provided links for what I could!

Screen Shot 2018-12-10 at 8.57.09 PM



What I Packed: 

  • TSLA Fleece-Lined Compression Shirt and Leggings (Amazon) – I was concerned that these would bunch up on my arms or legs with movement, like thermals I’ve purchased in the past, but they were perfect!
  • Two Cowl Neck Sweaters, in Beige and Gray (Banana Republic)
  • Two Cowl Neck Sweater Dresses, in Black and Gray (Banana Republic)
  • Two Pairs of Jeans (Banana Republic)
  • One Black Turtleneck With Pearl Buttons (Zara)
  • One Short Black Asymmetrical Skirt (Zara) – I wore the skirt (with leggings) and black turtleneck from Zara to dinner twice.
  • One Navy Blue Puffer Vest (J. Crew)
  • One Red Winter Coat (Old Navy)
  • One Gray Peacoat (Old Navy)
  • One Gray Open-Front Duster (Old Navy)
  • One Bathing Suit (Albion Fit)
  • Wool Socks (Amazon)
  • Slouchy Beanie (Amazon)
  • Adidas sneakers
  • Rain Boots (J. Crew)
  • Duck Boots (Amazon)
  • Gloves (Amazon)
  • One Scarf
  • Earmuffs
  • Miscellaneous items – An extra hat, underwear, pajamas, sandals to wear in the Blue Lagoon locker room, etc.

Would I have left something behind?

Yes. I would have traded my Adidas for comfortable walking shoes, and would’ve left my gray duster, peacoat, extra hat, and rain boots at home. There are probably other items that I could have left behind, but I am not that type of traveler yet. I’ll learn some day!

If YOU are that type of traveler though, are there any backpacks you recommend I look into? I will be traveling to Washington in the coming months for a short weekend trip, and do not want to bring luggage with me. Let me know in the comments! 


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