Fri(yay) Lovin’ #18

Hola, amigos! Am I the only one thrilled about it being February? Last month felt like forever! I am very excited for this month, because I was able to snag tickets to the Museum of Ice Cream Miami and because Halston and I will be celebrating Valentine’s Day at Leu Gardens with an outdoor concert featuring Ricky & the Buzzcatz, which played at a New Year’s event we attended a few years back.

I hope all of you had a productive week and that your weekend proves to be super relaxing. Ours is looking pretty uneventful, with a haircut on Saturday morning by the fabulous Erin, who I hope will be able to breathe some life into my rat’s nest, and church on Sunday. Living my best life over here!

Before the day gets away from us, let’s dive in to Fri(yay) Lovin’, a list of things making me happy dance this week!

Philosophy Renewed Hope In A Jar Dry: Because I lack the patience to wander around  cosmetic stores and shop around, my skin care regimen has been the same for years — go to Walgreens, grab a bottle of Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer, and go home. I wasn’t particularly fond of the moisturizer because it’s consistency felt like I was rubbing shampoo on my face, but it was affordable, easy and it protected me from the sun. Fast-forward to earlier this month, when my dry face began to peel after being exposed to this never-ending cold front, and Aveeno was just not working. I ventured into Ulta during my lunch break to test out lotions and quickly fell in love with Philosophy’s Renewed Hope in a Jar Dry. The lightweight, whipped moisturizer felt like a tall glass of water to my skin the second I tested it out and the scent wasn’t overpowering. I’ve been using it twice a day now for a month and totally swear by it! My face has never felt smoother — go ahead, I DARE you to touch it!


Conair Extreme Steam GS54: I have been madly in love with my stepmom’s Conair steamer for a while, but I never bought one because I felt like it wasn’t a necessity of ours. That is, until I tried ironing a long dress and almost lost my mind. In my struggle, I looked like an infomercial fail.

She kindly let me borrow her steamer while we were in Puerto Rico this past December, and a week after returning to Orlando, I was in line at Bed Bath & Beyond, purchasing our very own. The steamer is easy to use, with two heat settings, an auto shut-off feature and it is self-standing. It only weighs eight pounds, so it is perfect to pack in my luggage during trips so that I never, ever have to use a hotel room iron ever again (I’ve stained, burned my clothes in the past because of faulty irons while traveling!).


MeUndies: It seems as if every podcast I listen to is sponsored by MeUndies, a line of “feel good” underwear, lounge-wear and apparel. Curious about the brand’s “softer than soft” underwear, I ordered Halston and I a matching pair of boxer shorts and boy-shorts in December and again in January (if you’re curious, we have the Space Cadet and the Taco Love prints) . I’ll try to spare the details of my euphoric happiness upon my butt touching the fabric, but the fabric felt luxuriously soft on my skin and I can’t go back to my previous life. The Micro-Modal fabric that the underwear is made from is three times softer than cotton, shrink resistant, moisture wicking, and holds color better than cotton. All this to say that I’ll be wearing these until I’m old and decrepit because that’s how long they’ll last.

Check out my unique URL and receive 20 percent off your first purchase:, trust me, your butt will thank you.

Have a lovely weekend! 


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