Fri(yay) Lovin’ #7

Hello, it’s me. 

I feel like I start the majority of my blog posts apologizing for my lack of blog posts, but I see you, random readers, creeping on past blog posts, wondering if I’m still around, keeping me relevant.

Since we last spoke, I traveled to Argentina, suffered a meltdown over the presidential election results (and was brought back to life via Obama/Biden memes) and otherwise kept fairly busy between work and my personal life.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a lovely time spent with family and loved ones, that you have a game plan for surviving the hoardes of Black Friday shoppers and that your Friendsgiving was LIT

It’s been a while since I posted a Fri(yay) Lovin blog post, so here we go!

Reusing candle holders: I am obsessed with candles and can have about four or five around the house at any given time. I love staring at them, I love smelling them and I love listening to them, especially WoodWick Candles with their natural wood wicks that create a soothing, gentle crackle–like a tiny bonfire! I. Am. Seriously. Obsessed.

However, I have a hard time getting rid of pretty candle jars once I’ve burned through them and all that’s left is a thin layer of wax inside.

After a quick online search, I learned that frozen wax becomes brittle and easy to remove from a container, so I placed the jars in the freezer for a few hours. Once frozen, I used a knife to pry any remaining wax and the wick collars. I then wiped the jars down and removed any stickers left behind.

I’ve read a few tutorials on what to do with the jars once emptied and a lot of them mention using the containers for storage, but I wanted to do something different.

I went to Florida Cactus (aka heaven aka where I want to be buried), a wholesaler and retailer of cactus and succulent plants in Apopka, and bought a few tiny plants to take home with me.

Once I got home, I pulled out some of the clean candle jars, added pebbles, potted soil and replanted the succulents in them.

And voila! Succulents are relatively easy to take care of. We have a few in our bird-bath-turned-garden and they’ve survived over a year with minimal care.

Full disclosure: it doesn’t look this nice anymore

Gingerbread house: Bed, Bath & Beyond sells a Gingerbread Mini Village kit for $9.99, which includes the different building pieces, candy and icing. We successfully built four out of the five houses (one kept falling apart so I ended up eating half of it out of frustration) and spent about an hour creating and decorating them–oh and making a colossal mess in our dining room, but that’s besides the point.

Holiday lights lightning cord: In my never-ending quest to keep the spirit of the holidays alive past January 6 (el Dia De Los Reyes, duh), I ordered a multi-colored, Christmas light phone charger for $15.95 on Urban Outfitter’s website and picked it up at the store within 24 hours (free shipping for in-store pick-up). I have a strong dislike for multi-colored lights, but I honestly cannot stop staring at my charger now… although I can only use it in the living room because my husband refuses to let me bring the string lights into our bedroom. Haha!

Yes, all my decorations are up. Yes, I have issues.

Edit: My future sister-in-law let me know that American Eagle Outfitters also has the string light charger in WHITE for $9.95! Already reserved one online and might be returning the colorful one once things have died down after Black Friday!

Anything going on this weekend? I’m off to binge watch more of The Crown, watch Fantastic Beasts and host a Friendsgiving dinner! Have a fabulous weekend!



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