A Visit to LunaSea Alpaca Farm

Happy Tuesday, friends!

I hope your long weekend was equal parts productive and relaxing, as ours was.



Did you happen to catch the Super Blood Moon Wolf on Sunday evening? It was spectacular, albeit anticlimactic, as we arrived at the  Emil Buehler Planetarium at Seminole State College around 9:00 p.m. and shivered on our beach chairs with our friends until totality, which happened close to midnight. It was completely worth it though because the next total lunar eclipse won’t happen until mid-2021, and it might not even be visible from Florida!

I think it might be time to invest in a camera again…

Now, for the pièce de résistance…

I’ve been receiving messages from a few of you with questions about LunaSea Alpaca Farm, which I visited over the holidays, so I wanted to write up a quick blog post with information so that you can plan a visit of your own.

We discovered LunaSea through a community Facebook Group and set up a weekend visit with the owner via email. It is recommended that you call or email to schedule a visit, rather than show up because the farm is located on private property in Clermont. The owners are incredibly nice, and you can find booking information on their Facebook page.

There is a recommended $10 donation per person, as it is a family-run farm, and the funds are used for feeding the animals. The tour lasts around two hours, and during the tour, you’ll get to play with the alpacas, feed them, and learn a bit about the funny, cuddly creatures. They were so friendly and curious!

We had a great time during our visit and look forward to visiting again in the future!

Are there any other petting farms in the area that we should check out?


5 thoughts on “A Visit to LunaSea Alpaca Farm

    1. That sounds so cool! And it’s pretty affordable to do the regular tour. There are a lot of animal experiences around town but they’re incredibly pricy!


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