Toothless & Disrobed

I was sitting at church when it happened. I looked down and I felt something fall out of my mouth on to my lap. I picked it up to inspect it. A tooth! My eyes grew wide. What was happening?

I could feel all my teeth suddenly loosening up. They began rolling over my tongue and I panicked. Puffing my cheeks out like a chipmunk so that my teeth would remain in my mouth, I ran to the bathroom and began spitting them out into the sink and crying. Someone kept calling me on the phone but I couldn’t answer between all my sobbing and yelling.

I don’t remember much after that. I know that eventually I found myself at the foot of a waterfall, cradling all my teeth and crying.

IT WAS ALL A DREAM! According to the interwebs, dreams like the one I had are pretty common if you’re having a hard time adjusting to change, can’t seem to let go of something and are overwhelmed AF.   Seems legit.

Halston recently surprised me with a Massage Envy gift card a few weeks ago and between all the “positive vibes” I’m exuding, and his new “joke” of calling me a Bridezilla (keep it up and you won’t make it to Saturday, buddy), I figured it was time to schedule a massage and try to clear my mind for at least an hour (is that even possible?).

Booking the appointment:

Booking the appointment wasn’t complicated at all. I went on the website, picked the closest location to me at Winter Garden Village, provided them with a time frame of availability, massage desired (Swedish) and whether I wanted a male or female masseuse.

Day of appointment:


Since this was my first time visiting, I arrived 15 minutes early to fill out medical paperwork which asked about health conditions I could be suffering from and areas in specific I would like for the masseuse to focus on. It also asked if I was comfortable with the massage therapist touching areas like my scalp (yes) or face (no) and pressure desired during the massage (light, medium, or deep).

Rochelle, therapist: “So why are you here today? Any pain?”

Me, awful human: “I’m being forced to relax today. Everyone thinks I’m crazy and I’m getting married on Saturday.”

The session began and I was taken to a dimly lit room with soothing music. Rochelle stepped outside while I undressed and got under the blanket (which is heated and so soft… I think I need one in my life). The whole time I wanted to laugh because I kept thinking of John Mulaney’s comedy special in which he said:

I got a massage and the woman told me to undress to my comfort level. So I put on a sweater and a pair of corduroy pants, and I felt safe.”

She focused on my shoulders and neck, legs, arms and back and it felt great! But in true Veronica fashion, instead of clearing my mind, I was rattling off multiple to-do lists in my head and then became anxious thinking, “What if there’s a fire right now and I have to run outside in my underwear?

After an hour, Rochelle left the room, allowing me to get dressed and waited outside for me with water. I checked out at the counter (it is $49.99 for a first time visitor) and learned about their monthly membership.

All in all, it was a great experience and I would definitely go back!

What are some ways that you deal with stress or change?


2 thoughts on “Toothless & Disrobed

  1. Go to the beach, watch a movie, go shopping, massage, VACATIONS….Whatever you do to aliviate the stress is good, just don’t let your brain take over. All of the options are different and works differently for everybody, but if the brain still in control there is not going to be a relax moment for anyone. Been there done that 😀 Enjoy your wedding!! Congratulations to you and Halston!


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