Hi, I Embarrass Easy.

Have I ever told you that I easily embarrass? Well, when it happens, it really shows my age and maturity level (age: 5, level: 0).

On Monday morning, while washing my tumbler in the office kitchen, my coworker asked me what the countdown for the wedding was. I decided to not act like the usual Ice Queen that I am and told her “about 19 or 18 days,” smiled and went on my way.

About an hour later we were all sitting in the Monday morning staff meeting (I was minding my own business, as I often do) and after giving her update she pipes back up and says, “Well, since she’s not going to announce it herself. She’s getting married in 19 days!”

Thirty (or so) pairs of eyes circle in on my forehead in the back corner of the room and I just sit there, sweating, drained of any color and say, “Thank you.” Thanks for announcing my business. Also, would you like me to give you the results of all my medical appointments so you can read them out loud too?

Later that same day, I went to each lunch with Brazilian journalist Patricia Maldonado and our mutual friend Rodrigo Branco.

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 9.23.32 PM

They texted Kaka (You know, the world-renown soccer player who currently plays for Orlando City Soccer. No big deal) to let him know that they would be eating lunch with me and he asked, “Who is Veronica?” Rodrigo proceeded in sending him my Instagram account upon request and Kaka replied with something along the lines of, “Hahaha, she posted a picture of me.”

Cringe! Now I know not one of them meant any harm, but the thought of Kaka going through my Instagram account and thinking I am some sort of deranged fangirl made me lose feeling on my arms and legs.

As I type about how easily I embarrass, my eyes keep glancing at my planner. Four days. Four days and 11 hours until showtime: FLBlogCon 2015. Now on its fourth year, this conference brings together over 300 bloggers from all parts of Florida for a full day of workshops and delivering valuable blogging knowledge, tips and advice.

Sitting in a room and learning from the best? Sounds good. Being forced to interact with 300 bloggers? Not so good.

I didn’t buy any business cards. Should I just pass out cards from my job? What if I say something silly? What if no one takes me seriously? What if people judge me because I don’t have a huge following on my blog or on social?


What if instead of going in with such a negative attitude, I go in with an open mind, ready to take constructive criticism and to make new friends? I mean. what’s the worst that could happen?

I am looking forward to hearing Jeanette Johnson from J’s Every Day Fashion (a sweet girl from my church and the reason I look halfway decent), the ever whimsical Nicole Siscaretti from Sparkly Ever After (I met her through my job since I work with travel bloggers) and a few members of HypeOrlando (I promise I’ll write on my blog soon, I swear).

Just breath in, breath out. It’ll be okay!


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