Girl’s Weekend in Savannah!

Honey, I’m home!

Hope you didn’t miss me too much. My computer charger crapped out on me this week so it’s been a hassle trying to plan a wedding and most importantly, blog about my shenanigans (my priorities are very much in check).
How was your weekend? I can’t complain about mine. I saw Best Coast perform for the first time (swoon) and helped my little sister Bea move in to her new place (we bought half of IKEA in the process). I’ve been running around nonstop since Friday afternoon and I’m pretty sure I’ve aged 100 years overnight (currently popping pills and attempting to dull out the pain on my lower back with Icy Hot).
Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 12.30.13 PM
After slaving away all day.
Over Labor Day weekend I headed over to Savannah with my friends Carrie and Emily. I was a bit sleep deprived from having spent the week in Boca Raton for work, but once you get together for a “girl’s weekend” you kind of forget how exhausted you are and revert back to when you met at 16.

We stayed in one of the four apartments located in the Suites At Bay. The building, The Oglethorpe Lodge Building, was erected in 1822 and sits in the historic district of Savannah.

The suites shared a building with Treylor Park restaurant. We didn’t go in, but it always smelled amazing and it has great reviews!
Queen-sized bed
Pull-out couch
We had lunch at Vic’s on the Water and I ordered the Black and Bleu Chicken Sandwich; a blackened chicken breast, crumbled bleu cheese apple smoked bacon on a toasted brioche bun with lettuce, tomato, and pickle.
What wedding diet?

That night we went on a haunted pub crawl around the historic district with Tara Tours. Our tour leader wasn’t dressed like an old pioneer ghost (like most tours go…) which reassured me that I wasn’t going to have to get extra drinks to get me through the night. We visited a few pubs and were properly spooked by the stories shared. The fact that I was able to carry a drink around all night (thanks, open container law. Why isn’t that a thing in Orlando?) helped calm my nerves.


Brunch was enjoyed at b. Matthew’s that day and I scarfed down the Crab Benedict; a crab patty and poached egg on a homemade biscuit, spinach, tomato, roasted garlic-herb hollandaise sauce; served with fresh seasonal fruit.

Come to Mama.
We took a sightseeing trolley tour and learned a lot of fun facts about the destination, jumped around in puddles, ooo’ed and ah’ed at the architecture,  checked out one of the Telfair Museums and visited Forsyth Park (it’s like being in a movie!). I also had my first horchata at the Coffee Fox. Yum!


That night we headed out to Tybee Island, a barrier island that is about 18 miles from Savannah. This quaint little island boasts miles of uninterrupted public beach, tons of fishing opportunities and over 25 restaurants to choose from. I liked the island, but I wondered if the residents in the area had ever ventured down to Florida. I think they would lose their minds with how pretty those beaches are.
image via Giphy
On Monday we woke up early, headed to Starbucks, bought matching shirts to commemorate the weekend (of course) and parted ways.
#basicbeaches #success #wherearethepineapples
 I feel like I have to make at least 10 more trips to Savannah in order to visit all the places I missed out on or saw in passing. Have you been there? What are some of your favorite places to visit or things to do?

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