Fri(yay) Lovin’ #9

Me, rn.

I honestly thought Friday was never going to get here. After living what could possibly have been the longest week of my life, saying goodbye to my two favorite coworkers as they move on to better opportunities (RIP Swizzle Spot), crying, and meeting my new boss, I deserve a Sleeping Beauty-type nap to recharge and prepare myself for whatever BS 2017 is going to throw my way.

From Pulse to the election results to Instagram stealing the Snapchat interface, it goes without saying that 2016 will not be remembered fondly by many.

But listen, I’m not here to drag you down and I don’t want you to think that this blog post is a cry for help. A few things in life still excite me (I’m looking at you, Chipotle burrito bowls), so without further ado, here are the things I’m loving this week.


Back in the summer of 2014, my friends and I came across a Kickstarter campaign trying to raise money for Bibliotheca, an entire biblical library separated into volumes and designed purely for reading.

According to the founder, the text is reverently treated in classic typographic style, free of all added conventions such as chapter numbers, verse numbers, section headers, cross references and notes. Basically, it reads like a book, which is perfect for someone like me who enjoys reading but goes into a catatonic state when opening the Bible. Something about how busy those pages look make me feel like I’m back in my college humanities course…

The design was simple and the collection of books cost $75 so like good little Christian hipsters, we went ahead and ordered them.

For two years we waited and I eventually forgot about the order until a Christmas miracle occurred this week and they showed up on our doorstep!

They look and feel exactly as they were advertised, so I’m thinking that my resolution for 2017 should be to read the collection of books (I don’t really care for resolutions though). It will be interesting to read the Bible in the form of a novel and I’m also a little “eh…” about someone having taken apart the Bible and rewritten it. I mean, I don’t know if he edited things out or took creative liberties with the text, so we’ll see! For now, I’m just really excited Bibliotheca finally arrived and that I’ll be able to read it.

El Churry:

El Churry food truck became one of the first food trucks to cater to the late night crowd back in 1998 in San Juan, Puerto Rico (hey, that’s where I’m from!). They were also the first restaurant in Puerto Rico to offer churrasco sandwiches.

Their fan base kept growing through the years and they continued opening new locations to keep up with demand–which brings me to this exciting announcement: EL CHURRY IS OPENING A FOOD TRUCK IN ORLANDO!


They made the exciting announcement on their Facebook page a few days ago, making every Puerto Rican living in Orlando cry tears of joy.

On their menu you’ll find burgers, wraps and sandwiches. My favorite thing on the menu is the Mixto sandwich which consists of churrasco, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, potato sticks and mayo-ketchup (the only time I’ll ever willingly consume mayonnaise). All that is stuffed in Puerto Rican sweet bread known as “pan sobao.” The delicious sandwich was actually featured on the Travel Channel’s Man v. Food and Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations.

The food truck is set to open in January but I won’t have to wait that long to eat at El Churry because…


For the first time in the 12 years I’ve been living in Florida, I’ll be able to spend the holidays back home. If you know me, you know that during the timeframe of Dec. 24-25 I spend hours scrolling through Facebook pictures of family parties I am not at or receiving Snapchat images and videos from my nieces. Well my friends, this year I’ll be doing the Snapchatting.

I am excited to spend time with my dad and my stepmom, to see my nieces and nephews, my friends and family, to eat all of the food and explore parts of the island I’ve never been to before (so thankfully, that means I won’t be trekking through the rainforest for a third time).

I’m counting down the minutes until I board that plane, fam!

“I am ready for Christmas food.” Instagram: @PepitaSandwich

What are you doing for Christmas? Are you going anywhere exciting or is there a gift you’re hoping to get? 

Happy Christmas, loves. 


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