Bachelorette Bash in Nash

Good morning and hey, hi, hello! I missed you! I’m back from my three week tour around the world and more tired than I’ve ever been, but it’s great to be back!

Over the weekend, I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee for the first time in my life to celebrate my friend’s upcoming wedding.

After landing on Saturday morning, we started the day by stuffing our faces at Biscuit Love. It was founded as a food truck back in 2012 and because of it being a local favorite, the couple who owned it decided to re-envision it as a restaurant in 2015. And good thing they did because when we left, the wait was at an hour and the line went out the door!


Order the bonuts (biscuit donuts), they will change your life!

We didn’t have much planned for the afternoon so we decided to visit the Belmont Mansion, located at Belmont University. Armed with our phones and ready to take the trendiest of pictures, we were quickly told that photography was not allowed on the guided tour. The bride’s face and love for Instagram said it all: let’s bounce. We walked around the beautiful school grounds, wondering where to head to next and trying to blend in, as there were groups of parents touring the university. I felt ancient.

It didn’t take us long to learn that there was a winery twenty five minutes away and like moths to a flame, Arrington Vineyards beckoned us. It was time to get white girl wasted.


Sippin’ from your cup til it runneth over, Holy Grail.

We each bought a flight of wine for $14. I chose their Kinzley Reserve, the Firefly Rose, the Syrah and La Crescent, one of their dessert wines.


picture c/o: @lifewithnori


picture c/o: rochellesiegel

We also toured the facilities and were able to see the machine they use to bottle their wines. That bad boy costs over $150,000, sanitizes them, removes the oxygen, puts nitrogen in and the person working it has 18 seconds to examine 12 bottles, box them and send them out. Don’t worry, they rotate their staff every hour.

After dropping our stuff at our AirBnb, we ate dinner at Bakersfield and I fell in love with their fish tacos (my go-to meal anywhere) and two beers: Blonde Bombshell and Yazoo HefenweizenAfter gaining a few pounds, we decided to work it out by hitting up Broadway Street. We had a great time bar-hopping at karaoke joints, dancing the night away and befriending a bachelor party from Florida that actually went to school with one of the girls in my group. Small world!

We spent both nights on Broadway. The best place to go dance at was Tin Roof, which ironically, I thought would be the worst because we have one on International Drive, so I see it mostly as a family restaurant. My least favorite, which I thought would be my favorite, was Tootsie’s because there was an unbelievable amount of people there and I got flustered. Or maybe it was the Coyote Ugly bar in which my bachelorette and bachelor friends forced me to dance (more like glare at them and dance with serious RBF) on the bar counter, you know, “for the bride.”

The highlight of our Saturday apart from hanging out at the Honky Tonk Central all afternoon and talking to strangers (everyone is so friendly in Nashville!), was going on the Sprocket Rocket party bike tour. Nothing is quite as fun as drinking beer on a bike, loudly singing, going at a speed of five miles per hour (pissing off every driver in the process) and posing for the paparazzi a.k.a. tourists taking pictures of us. The tour lasted about an hour and a half, with a short break in between and yes, your legs will feel the burn.

I ended the weekend by sleeping one hour, showing up 15 minutes before my flight wearing clothes I wore out that night, and looking like flippin’ Scar from the Lion King. I whipped out my shades quicker than a toupee in a hurricane and avoided all eye contact for the remainder of the flight.

I decided to skip sleep upon landing and head on over the Orlando City season opener in which we tied with Real Salt Lake at the very last possible second. It was a beautiful way to end the day.

Well… I’m off to catch up on three weeks worth of emails and sleep.

How was your weekend? Was anyone else at the Orlando City game?





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