Merry Chistmas* To You!

Christmas is a month away!

Cue A Very She & Him Christmas on repeat, quoting Elf nonstop (Bye, buddy! Hope you find your dad!) and CHRISTMAS DECORATING!

(And I apologize for skipping over Thanksgiving but I have no desire to deck out my home with a giant inflatable turkey.)


Christmas has already arrived in the Fernandez-Figueroa household (as it turns out, we aren’t legally married yet and I can’t change my last name. Living in sin, for the win!), and our living room and outdoor lights are already set up (are you jealous, neighbors?)!



As I sat in the living room, admiring our beautiful tree, I noticed something peculiar about our “Merry Christmas” garland from Target.


OUR GARLAND SAYS MERRY CHISTMAS! I am not sure if I should keep it and be ironic or demand my money back. Either way, I dug through our trash (cold piles of chicken bones and beer bottles, if you’re wondering) just to be safe, only to find that the receipt was in my purse the whole time. Of course!

Merry Chistmas, kiddos! Make sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter tonight while I document my stay at the Gaylord Palms and check out ICE! 






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